Decades before the Washington Senators moved to Minnesota there was professional baseball in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. From 1902 to 1960 two rival teams, one from Minneapolis the other from St. Paul, bitterly competed on ball fields for runs and hometown bragging rights. These nearly forgotten minor league clubs not only attracted generations of loyal fans, but also trained legions of players along their path to the majors and for the few their trip to Cooperstown.

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The first game between the Millers and Saints was scheduled for May 26th, 1902. The game was called because of rain. That game was rescheduled for the next day and became the first double header the teams played against each other. 59 years later it happened again. The second to last game between the clubs was rained out. The last ever meeting of the Millers and the Saints was a double header. The date was Thursday September 8th, 1960.
Minnesota has a long history of sports. The first intercollegiate basketball game happened at Hamline University. Cheerleading was started by University of Minnesota students at a home football game. The Lakers basketball team was named for Minneapolis -The City of Lakes. Then in 1960 it was moved to a desert. The film LEATHERHEADS is based on the Duluth Eskimos a 1920’s professional football team. The film A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN is based on the 1940’s professional women’s baseball team The Millerettes. And the film MIRACLE is about Minnesota’s Herb Brooks and his collection of collegiate hockey players who beat the Russians.
In 1885 Archbishop John Ireland of St. Paul suggested Minneapolis and St. Paul merge into one city. He recommended the name Paulopolis; “Paul” for St. Paul and “opolis” for Minneapolis. Officials in Minneapolis replied, “How about Minne-haha? Minne for Minneapolis and “haha” for St. Paul.



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The distance between the Miller’s Nicollet Park and the Saint’s Lexington Park was 7 miles. Both parks and the trolley system that connected them have long since been demolished.


2 Cities 2 Teams 59 years of bitterly contested baseball


Of these teams sports writer Bill O’Neal wrote, “No sports rivalry was more bitterly contested over a longer period than the baseball competition between Minneapolis and Saint Paul.”

A Baseball Documentary by Wesley Ellenwood

Aerial view of Lexington - Photograph by Ver Keljik

Midway Stadium - Photograph by Johnson-Bacheller-Ross Inc.

Dick Gray - Photograph by St. Paul Pioneer Press

Team Photo of St. Paul Saints - Photograph by JBR Photography

Minneapolis Millers Team Photo - Photography by Anthony Lane Studios, Inc.