Status Update - April


Sibling Rivals The Millers & The Saints is a baseball documentary with the projected length of 70 minutes.


Recently I joined the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR). I hope to learn a lot from every member. The local chapter refers to itself as the Halsey Hall Chapter. Halsey was the voice of the Minnesota Twins from 1961 to 1972.

If there is one individual that would top my list of all-time ultimate interviewees, it would be Halsey Hall. I can still hear his voice coming through my transistor radio as he called the game. He is missed.


If not for this past cruel winter I would have spent more time in several area libraries. Unless you routinely visit the one near you, it’s easy to forget how invaluable libraries are to everyone. Thank a librarian.



This past week was productive for me. I talked with my research assistant. More on her later. And I talked with several people interested in working with me on this project. More on them later.


Many years ago a favorite Professor of mine told me it was important for anyone wanting to tell a story to know what stories have all ready been told. This Professor explained, “Watch movies. Study them. Don’t try to tell a story that has all ready been told and told better than you’ll ever tell.”

These past few weeks, when it has been too cold to go outside, I watched a lot of documentaries.


Principle Photography

I have a clear idea of which camera will be used to shoot the project, the lenses, the microphones, and a lighting “look” for the interviews.



An overlooked detail in documentary work is the care and design that goes into choosing and then designing and decorating the interview location. The location should reflect both the subject of the documentary but also the personality of the interviewee.

Post Production

Until such time that the project encounters an obstacle, Sibling Rivals The Millers & The Saints should be done by September of 2019.