Status Update - August


Sibling Rivals The Millers & The Saints is a baseball documentary with the projected length of 80 minutes.

Principle Photography

On Monday July 29th the crew and I were honored to interview Former Mayor George Latimer in the Latimer Library. It was a thrill for everyone involved to talk with the Mayor. And it was no surprise to me that the Mayor neither requested or needed any preparation for the interview. After he listened to my story pitch and read a draft of my script, he was completely prepped and ready for his interview.

Saint Paul will always have the model for a Mayor in George Latimer.


Several libraries and historical societies have been invaluable for our research. They include the Minnesota Historical Society, Hennepin County Historical Society, Ramsey County Historical Society, and the Chaska Historical Society. The first and last games these teams played against each other will be reconstructed so as to form the backbone of the story.



Our most recent interview on Thursday August 8th was with Dr. Mary Wingerd. We filmed Mary in the patio of Day By Day Cafe. The topics of Dr. Wingerd’s question covered the history of Minneapolis and Saint Paul as well as the similarities and difference of these Twin Cities.



The crew of Sibling Rivals includes Alan Lloyd, Dave Bellmont, Carrington Nowak, Jakobe Markworth, Keith Tao, Nathan Lee, and Evan Sanden.

Post Production

Until such time that the project encounters an obstacle, Sibling Rivals The Millers & The Saints should be done around January of 2020.